24 Hour Fitness Center

Members purchase their own key chain fob that gives them access to the gym 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! No restricted hours on weekends, and we’re never closed on holidays!

Our gym has 4 different sections allowing endless workout options so you never get bored with the same routine—Cardio, Weights, Functional Training and Mats.


If you want to burn some extra calories, we have a variety of different cardio machines that will get you sweating! Treadmills, ellipticals, step mill, rowing machine, Stair Masters, Versa Climber, spin bike and recumbent bikes.


Those wanting to tone or build those muscles will find everything they need in our free weight section, including 3 universal power rack cage stations with adjustable benches, a Smith Machine, a dead lift station with rubber plates and rubber floor, a leg press/hack squat machine, dumbbells and much more.

Functional Training

Because of its effectiveness, Functional Training has become very popular in recent years and you have endless functional training options available in our gym, such as: TRX straps, Battle Rope, plyo boxes, slam balls, medicine balls, Functional Trainer cable machine, Bosu Ball, stability balls, punching bags, dip rings, a sit-up rack, a dip rack, a variety of hanging pull up bars and open floor space for YOUR creative workout ideas!


Many people prefer to do their entire workout with various creative body-weight exercises on a matted floor. We have 500 sq. ft. of premium matted floor available for our members. Just take off your shoes first! Feel free to bring a medicine ball or slam ball on to the mats for even more variety. 4 Muay Thai heavy bags are also available for kickboxing drills.

No matter what your schedule, ANY time is the RIGHT time to workout at Calhoon’s 24 Hour Fitness Center!